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Last updated December 26th, 2008.

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Game Summary





Previously, on Rumors of War...





Episode 5

Date: December 13th, 2008

Anaxagoras and Eithne do a little clothes-shopping; they pick up some fancy clothes for a feast that Anaxagoras has talked his way into. The couple mingle with members of Varna's social elite, though Eithne seems to stick out like a sore thumb. She stumbles over some of the local customs, but Anaxagoras is quick to help her out, and the couple manages to get through the party without incident.


Polynices follows Anaxagoras and Eithne to the feast and waits outside in the shadows. He keeps an eye out for trouble, remaining vigilant throughout the evening. The feast ends and the partiers begin to disperse, apart from those who've broken up into their respective groups to chat. The couple walks outside, and Eithne notices a suspicious-looking man observing her and Anaxagoras. The man disappears into an alleyway, and she pulls the bard towards the alley, when an arrow strikes her in the back, wounding her.



Ouch! The arrow was a critical hit for 15 damage.


The people in the courtyard start to panic and flee and then the party sees -- an archer stands on the roof across the courtyard from them. Polynices runs out of his hiding place and barrels across the courtyard and charges up the wall, taking the archer (and the guards and nobles remaining in the courtyard) by surprise.








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