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Quest Log

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Expedition to the Lost Temple of Cronus (APL 1)

A party of adventurers journeys into a wasteland in the wilds of Northern Thracia to investigate the abandoned temple of a deposed god of time.


A party of five adventurers from different backgrounds are hired by an organization called the Order of Orion to investigate an abandoned temple several hundred miles away. The Order pays for the party's transportation costs, putting them on a merchant vessel headed to the port-city of Varna, where the party will begin their expedition. It will take close to two months for the ship to reach their destination, as the ship will be making half a dozen stops at major ports and trading posts along the way.


The original party of five that set out from Media on a mission for the Order of Orion has swelled in size. Joined by a human explorer named Aurelia, a wayward elf named Katri, and a questing dwarf named Payne, the group completed their trek to the abandoned temple and confirmed the existence of the oracle. After spending a night in the temple to recuperate, they traveled back to Varna, dropping off their shaman friend, Krest, with his tribe on the way back.


Confirm the Oracle (Success)

The party successfully located the temple and positively identified the presence of the rumored oracle. They then safely returned to Varna and reported the news to Trimedes, thus completing their primary objective.


Parley with Tribes (Partial)

The party met with scouts from two tribes of the desert; a desert-dwelling goblinoid tribe and a tribe of nomadic half-giants. Though they made fast friends with goblins and even secured a guide, they refused an invitation from the half-giants to visit their camp and ignored their advice to avoid the temple.


Rescue From the Shattered Sanatorium (APL 2)

Having completed the mission for their employer, the party now awaits a ship that will transport them back to the city whence they came.


After the party's triumphant return, they began the three-week wait for the next ship to take them back to Media. After a little over a week, a desperate Trimedes approached the party with a personal request: that they remove his brother from the temple of Apollo in town acting as a sanatorium. The party reassembles in its entirety to recover the brother, Trias. Though they encounter little resistance in getting to the temple, once inside, they find the priests turn on them when they insist on seeing Trias.


The priests mislead the party, and lock them in the room with the insane patients, promising "no shock treatment if you kill the intruders." Anaxagoras, Payne, and Polynices are trapped inside with the patients. The remainder of the party rushes in when they sense trouble. A chase around the temple grounds results in a minor collapse, and in escaping that, the party confronts the priest in charge, allied with a powerful and ancient undead creature -- a mummy.


Rescue the Half-Sane Seer (Success)

After the fiasco in the temple of Apollo, the party returns Trias to the hands of his brother back at the Order. Trimedes is overjoyed to see his brother alive, and wastes no time in calling on a healer to help restore his brother's tortured body to health. He bids the party return to him the following morning for payment.


No Loss of Life (Failed)

Trimedes urged the party to enter the sanatorium and retrieve his brother without using violent means, and further asked that the party not allow themselves to be identified as associates of the Order of Orion should they resort to "physical negotiations." Three priests, and a fourth, alleged priest, all lie dead, courtesy of the party (the insane patients remain alive, however).


Ride to the Rescue of the Goblins (APL 3)

Having completed the mission for their employer, the party now awaits a ship that will transport them back to the city whence they came.


Rescue the Slaves (Success)


Destroy the Slavers (Partial)


Unknowing Into the Spider's House (APL varies)


Evade/Survive Mercenaries (Partial)


Negotiate/Neutralize Mercenaries (Success)


The Mystery of the Five Charioteers (APL 4)


Investigate Attacks/Murders (Success)


Investigate Princess's Disappearance (Success)


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