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Psionic Feats

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Don Mantle

Requires: Tap Mantle feat

Benefit: You gain the granted ability of a Psionic Mantle you've chosen with the Tap Mantle feat.

Special: You may choose this feat multiple times. Each time you do, choose a new Psionic Mantle you've gained access to via the Tap Mantle feat.


Energize Armor

Requires: Invest Armor feat

Benefit: As an Immediate action, expend your psionic focus to enhance your armor to protect you from a single attack or effect. You gain energy resistance 10 against the next single effect that deals damage with an energy descriptor, such as cold, electricity, fire, or sonic.


Enervation Endurance

Requires: Psychic enervation class feature

Benefit: When you suffer the effects of you psychic enervation class feature, you lose only half the normal amount of power points (rounded down; minimum 1).

Special: A character who suffers psychic enervation loses a number of power points equal to her character level.


Enhanced Beneficence

Requires: Psychic Aura class feature

Benefit: Get a +5-ft. bonus to the radius of your psychic aura.


Euphoric Endurance

Requires: Surging euphoria class feature

Benefit: Replace the normal benefits of the surging euphoria class feature with damage reduction equal to 3 times the bonus normally provided by surging euphoria. The same drawbacks apply, which means if you suffer psychic enervation, you don't gain the benefits of this ability.


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Feat Name




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