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The mummy, Hattusa, has demonstrated on several occasions to be very strong and very resilient. He sustains little damage from most physical attacks, though he has a known fear of fire, and is presumably as vulnerable to most magical attacks as any other creature. He nearly bested the party while under the thrall of a supposed priest of Apollo, and ceased his attack when the priest was slain.



Little is known about Hattusa, and he says little about himself. He claims that the temple of Apollo is built from the ruins of a former temple of an Egyptian god of the sun. Once a great building of glass, it was destroyed in a war a couple hundred years ago, and Hattusa lost his life in the same war. His Greek disciples attempted to prepare his soul for the afterlife as he had taught them, but they botched the ritual and his soul was anchored to his body. Eventually, a temple of Apollo was constructed from the pieces of the former temple, and Hattusa was freed from his tomb beneath the ruins. He has guarded the temple since that time.


Before Hattusa was freed from his tomb, raiders and scavengers stole his Canopic jars. He believes he can complete his own ceremony and make the proper journey to the afterlife, but he can't do so while in an incomplete state as he currently is. He was overcome by despair many decades ago, and ceased to search for the missing artifacts. Rueful and sardonic, Hattusa has had his first taste of hope for a proper rest in Anaxagoras, who has vowed to help him reclaim his Canopic jars.

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