Last updated December 13th, 2008.


The Legend of Telemachus

Written by Russ


Here is a story

From a witness first-hand

A story my friends

Of a warrior not a man


He stood upon the deck

On a full moon night

His adversaries encircled

Around the flickering torchlight


He defended Hephaestus

Not Poseidon that night

And thus he stood ready to fight


A pirate stepped forward the leader he was

A grizzled veteran of the Trojan War

He promised No Quarter just blood and gore


Telemachus stood still his sinew bulged tight

And with godly ferocity he killed that night


No Quarter was given

He defended his faith

As blood stained the deck

Fifty souls met their fate


With steely courage he stands undone

The power of Hephaestus flowing through his veins

He is not a god but an army of one